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What Are the Signs I Should Look For to Know When I Need a Walk In Tub?

Date posted: May 11, 2015

It can be difficult to admit that you are suffering from limited mobility, but with the proper care and home improvements you can remain independent in spite of your mobility issues.  Whether if you yourself are suffering from limited mobility,

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What are the Benefits of a Walk in Bathtub?

Date posted: March 2, 2015

A walk in bathtub benefits those who are having trouble getting around their home and want to make bathing an easier process. Did you know that walk in bathtubs also have health benefits? Adding a walk in tub to your

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A Better Night’s Sleep Through Bathing

Date posted: February 9, 2015

You may not realize this, but the act of bathing before bed is a great way to promote a restful night’s sleep.  If you have mobility issues that make it difficult for you to get in and out of a

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