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Naples Walk in Tubs

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Walk in tubs do more than just help those with limited mobility. Walk in tubs by Independent Home can also help increase your circulation. How do they do that? They help increase your circulation by opening up your skin’s capillaries that helps increase your blood flow and oxygen that removes toxins from your body. Improve you circulation by adding a walk in bathtub to your Naples home.

Independent Home has affordable prices and various models to choose from. One model is the Cube Walk in Tub. The Cube Walk in Bathtub is able to fit in small spaces. Other features of the Cube are it has a hydrotherapy spa system with 16 jets, an anti-slip floor, and a 15.5” comfortable seat. The Access Walk in Bathtub is wheelchair accessible. This tub also features a quick draining system and a safety grab bar.

Independent Home is able to do the walk in bathtub installation process for you. The installation process includes discarding your old tub or shower, installing the new plumbing, and putting in the safety grab bars. The installation process is 100% lifetime guaranteed.

Start increasing your circulation today by adding a walk in bathtub to your Naples home. Contact Independent Home today.